Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Full color vinyl decal printing 

Home decorating just got even more colorful!
Full color digital image vinyl wall decals bring high impact visuals to your home and office spaces.

 Full color vinyl decal stickers can be custom contoured to your sticker shape needs.
You don't have to do a traditional rectangle anymore. Easy to peel and apply.
The eco solvent inks are durable in outdoor weather use as well.

Custom full color printed vinyl stickers for your business or party needs.
Great for your product packaging, wedding decor, birthday party, wine bottles and more!

We can make you 1 sticker or thousands, Just come over an see us to get started.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

International Coffee Day 2015

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee! It's National Coffee Day. 

Although we can't offer you a free cup of coffee, how about a coupon for free shipping on one of these fabulous coffee themed vinyl wall decals?

Hurry this offer expires on Saturday October 3rd, 2015.

Use this Code for checkout: FREECOFFEE

Jazz up your kitchen or coffee shop with some unique coffee vinyl decals.

These decals work great on windows, walls, and other smooth surfaces.

How about this adorable chalkboard cut out decal in the shape of a Mug and saucer.

Or even gift one to your friend this year, The Holiday season is only a few weeks away!
Coffee and Friends are the Perfect blend.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet the Team

Here at Household Words, we genuinely love what we do. Currently, we are Etsy's second favorite vinyl decal shop!  Ranked #2 in the top 100. This is all thanks to the shop owners, the team with a dream, Mandie & Yancy.  We are forever thankful to our customers.

Our employees are not just a group of people thrown together for business. We have grown into a team, dedicated to designing and crafting items just for you. Here's a closer look at the people who work so hard to make your decorative ideas come alive.

In order of sequence from left to right:
Staci, Alli, Mandie, Alexa, Haley

Here's what our girls have to say about themselves and the company.

Mandie (Company Owner and Designer)

 "I think I was born with a creative passion, I started noticing this in my early elementary years when I began winning design contests for posters and calendars. I took 4 years of art experimenting with various mediums and learning that I loved everything except charcoal. I am driven to create something everyday, crafting, decorating, DIY project, painting or even sketching on a notepad. Since 2007 graphic design has been my most enjoyable designing outlet.

I began my venture of Household Words in early 2008. Realizing I needed to hire on some help with the daily business needs, I brought Alexa on board and she quickly learned how to operate equipment and prep decals for our customers. We began to outgrow our space and expanded it twice in one year before we decided to take our office location to a larger open floor plan building in town. We have since then welcomed several more awesome staff members Haley, Staci and Alli to our team through the years.

I have been married for 21 years to my high school sweetheart. After my husband's Navy tour was complete we settled down back in our home state of Ohio and started our family.
We have 2 beautiful daughters that have quickly grown and are now in their teens. We travel to new places several times a year as a family. I love watching/reading anything renaissance, medieval & historical."

Alexa ( Production Manager Team Leader) 

 "Fresh out of high school, I had the dream of starting my own interior finish/design business, and volunteering a huge chunk of my time to a world-wide ministry work. Instead of construction, I found Household Words. This job has been instrumental in my growth as a person.

I started working for Mandie early on, when the company was still being run out of her country home. It was a cozy atmosphere to learn in. About a year later, we outgrew the little room where the business was started, and moved into town. Hiring more employees along the way, and constantly growing our product line and skill set. It has been a blast. To have an opportunity to grow with a company has been such a blessing.

I am still able to devote loads of time to the ministry work. The rest of my free time goes to being with my family, being outdoors, and supporting my friends.

Haley (Production Crew Member and Quality Control) 

 I have worked with Household Words for a little over a year now.
I am so privileged to have a wonderful job that I love and work with a group of fun amazing ladies. 

I enjoy riding my horses and spending time with my husband and fur-baby, a golden retriever, Copper. I also enjoy thinking of new creative projects to decorate with decals. I am just a small town country girl who likes being outdoors enjoying God's beautiful creations.

Staci (Production Crew Member and Packaging)

My job title is Production Crew Member which consists of weeding decals and packing our products. I love the girls I work with and the laid back environment, plus having weekends off is a bonus!

I'm a huge animal lover. My boyfriend of 11 years and I share a home with our 2 fur-babies. We have a 6 year old German Shepherd named Heinrich and a 7 month old rot/lab mix named Oliver. I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan and I love to do outdoor activities. Kayaking and going to the lake with our pups are two of my favorite things to do."

Alli (Graphic Designer)

 "I enjoy working here because of the relaxed, laid-back, and friendly atmosphere. Working here has become more of something I look forward to rather than any old "job." I love designing and art so much and it's amazing to me that this is what I get to do every day. My coworkers and management are awesome and it helped me to feel at home right away. 

A few things about myself: I love animals more than almost anything in the world; especially my Pug Ruben. I enjoy talking about politics, world issues, and anything that involves the history channel. Along with design, I love drawing and photography. Parks and Recreation is my favorite show in the world. I aspire to travel as much and as far as possible. And flannels are the best things ever."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Decorating with Personalized Custom Vinyl Decals

(shown on a vintage suitcase display)

One of the most popular monogram decals is the vine font initial sticker. These custom monogram decals create a classic look for any decor or DIY project. Custom decals can be made for your car window, walls, mirrors, glass blocks and even a notebook cover. The possibilities are endless to personalize with your name monogram decal.

( shown on a decorative glass plate )

A family name monogram vinyl decal can also be created for your special DIY project. They can be easily customized to fit the shape and size of the surface. With a vast selection of font styles and some colors, a monogram decal can quickly turn your project into a masterpiece to display for many years ahead.

( up close of the decorative glass plate)

( shown on a galvanized pail)

You can even go for a more simplistic single letter custom monogram decal to bring a large impact to your space decorating indoors and outdoors with vinyl monograms, as seen here, personalizing the family's home on the front porch.

  Creating style for your ceremony can easily become a treasured wedding keepsake for years to come. Monogram vinyl decals can bring sophistication to your event and parties.

So let your decorating imagination begin. Possibilities are endless to personalize your home, office and events!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Indoor | Outdoor Custom Vinyl Banners

Advertise your business, product, service, or event with a high-impact, custom-designed, highly durable Indoor Outdoor Custom Banner.

Indoor Outdoor custom banners are a great way to convey your message to all of your customers or event attendees. Whether it's a game or a weekend sale, We can help create custom banners just for your needs.

We can print more eye-catching graphics & photos and sophisticated color combinations with our eco solvent inks. Our eco solvent inks will also stay vibrant much longer and withstand outdoor elements.

Our vinyl banners can be easily transported and stored. Each corner will have a slot for you to quickly put your rope or tie string through to hang up for displaying.

No matter your business type or event our friendly and helpful staff can assist with your promotional needs. We can use your provided file ( proper size/file types required for optimal printing)  or do a completely custom creation just for you.

Indoor Outdoor Banners are great for charity events, game days, business, grand openings, marathons, trade fair booths, garage sales, parade floats, and so much more.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Household Words LLC - Who We Are

We are delighted to have you here with us on our Household Words Blog, you may have already heard of us through your Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, or Snapchat browsing. But, if you're not familiar with us as of yet, here's a little more information.

  We specialize in Removable Vinyl Decals for all sorts of substrates and for your DIY projects. Household Words brings you great designs at great prices. But we do so much more.

  • Wall | Window | Door Decals
  • Car Door & Window Decals
  • Boat | Jet Ski | Kayak Decals
  • Full Color Stickers
  • Canvas Prints
  • Banners
  • Corrugated Yard Signs
  • Custom Designs

We ship Worldwide, delivering your purchase to you as quickly as possible. We support the US Military and ship to APO/FPO addresses, as well. 

Stay tuned with us here on our New blog so we can further introduce you to our company (and some inside peeks). You'll get to meet the team, be given step-by-step DIY's, how-to's, see new products, see new designs, and be introduced to our various social media.

Feel free to reach out to us. As more topics come up, leave us your personal feedback. You can always request a post for your decal needs. 

Stay tuned for more.
 ... and future Giveaways!

Your Decal Designers and in House Staff:

Mandie ♥ Company Owner & Graphic Designer

Yancy  ♥  VP & IT Support

Alexa ♥ Production Manager Team Leader

Allison ♥ Graphic Designer
Haley ♥ Production Crew Member & Quality Control
Staci ♥ Production Crew Member
& Packaging

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 10 Commonly Asked Questions

We believe that vinyl decal application should be a painless process, with a beautiful result. Whether you are a first-timer, or this isn't your first rodeo, we are always here to help. 

That being said, here's our top 10 commonly asked questions:

1. What if my decal isn't sticking to the wall (or other surface)?

A. Your decal has been subjected to extreme temperatures and has not yet recovered.
Solution: Allow your decal time to acclimate to the temperature of your home, while laying flat.

B. The paint you chose for your wall, while adorable, is a low (or no) VOC paint. Paints with no VOC are stain resistant, but they are also decal resistant.
Solution: Prior to purchasing a decal, double-check which paint was used on your wall. But, if it's too late for that, you can apply your decal to another surface, for an even artsier feel. We recommend finding a large mirror, or distressed window frame. Or perhaps there is another wall in your home just crying out for one of our decals. Either way you decide, we are here to assist.

2. When I applied the decal, there were a few bubbles. What do I do?

First of all, stay calm. This is a super quick fix.

Solution: Take a household item that is small with a pointed, sharp edge and poke into the center of the bubble; like a diaper safety pin, or sewing pin. Be careful to push only hard enough to break through the vinyl, but not enough to hit your wall. After that, take either your hand, or something with a flat, smooth edge (and safe) and push the air towards your little pin hole to allow the air to release.

For a detailed, how-to video on how to remove bubbles, check out our YouTube video:

3. So, I applied my decal to the wall, but it won't release from the application tape. Help!

This is an issue that comes up occasionally. Typically, the reason is the that application tapes vary a tad. Some release easily as designed, others need a little help.

Solution: If you notice the app tape is not releasing, then don't go any further just yet. Smooth the application tape back over where you tried to remove it. Run into your kitchen or office space and find a squeegee (or any hard, smooth-edged item that is safe). Rub the tool over decal; taking care with the corners of letters and edges.

Now, try removing the application tape once more. It should release easily.

4. My decal will not release from the backing paper.

During shipment, the application tape may have lost some of it's adherence to the decal; thus keeping it stuck to the backing paper.

Solution: Flip the decal (application tape and all) so that it is laying face down.
Rub the back of the decal vigorously with a squeegee; or another available item. 
Next, with the decal still face down, peel back the backing paper from the top, left corner diagonally. Keep the paper as flat as possible while doing this.
See Video here:

The backing paper should come up smoothly at this point. If any rogue letters don't comply, just smooth them down with your finger.

5. What surfaces will my decal stick to?

Our decals will stick to almost any surface. Glass, mirrors, walls, windows, cups, ceramic, finished wood, tile, plastic, metal, etc.

The only items our decals will not stick to are:
Low or no VOC painted wall and unpainted cement blocks, sadly. If you must have a decal on a cement block, simply paint it first.

To see how to apply a decal to your car window through the wet application process, check out our YouTube video:

6. I have applied my decal to the wall, but something must have went wrong. I am seeing wrinkles. What can I do?

Solution: If the wrinkle is over an intricate portion of the decal (a letter or scroll), peel back the section carefully, then re-smooth with your finger.

If the wrinkle is in a larger, solid portion, then a squeegee is a great option. Start in the middle of the wrinkle and work the wrinkle to the outer edge of the decal. Repeat in the other direction.

Wrinkles gone!

7. While applying my wall decal, I accidentally got some letters stuck to the application tape and can no longer use them. Do I need a new decal?

Your hard work is not in vain. So, now, you won't need an entirely new decal.

Solution: Provide us with a photo of the issue. We can send you replacement letters of parts individually.

8. My decal keeps peeling back at the edges.

The paint is the likely culprit here.

Solution: We recommend using a tacky spray. Aleene's Repositionable Tacky Spray has always given us great success.

This will keep the edges of the decal down and your decal looking professional and since the spray is repositionable, it can be removed later on.
9. Can these decals be used outdoors?

Yes! Any of our decals can be used outdoors. An outdoor decal can last 8+ years.
They can withstand many weather increments.

We even make boat decals. These are made in a glossy, more water-friendly vinyl unless requested otherwise.

*If you are going to be applying a decal outdoors, then make sure you have the right day for it. Generally, you just don't want extreme weather either hot or cold. More specifically, between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit is the best.

10. Is matte the only vinyl finish available?

While we love matte because of it's hand-painted look, we have a variety of other types and colors available.

For example, we offer metallic in Gold, Copper, and Silver. Frosted vinyl is available for an engraved look on windows. Reflective is currently available in White and Navy. Glossy vinyl (typically for outdoor use) is available in a large variety of colors.

We even have White Dry Erase vinyl and Black Chalkboard vinyl Decals available.

Upon request, other vinyl colors and types can be special ordered for your vinyl decal needs.


*Disclaimer: This is not to say that these issues are common with our products. But after years of being in the business, you learn a few things. This is a compilation of tips that we hope helps make your decal application as easy as it should be.